Organisation Development

HR Elite can assist you with small to major Organisational Development programmes taking your business successfully through the difficult process of change.

Managing Change and Redundancy

HR Elite can offer invaluable support for any business when faced with organisational change and restructuring as well as the difficult prospect of redundancy. We will help facilitate the smooth running of any redundancy programme ensuring that all processes are performed in accordance with ACAS best practice and relevant employment law

Assessment and Development Centres

Assessment Centres are a great way to ensure that a suitable candidate is found for a particular job, and through doing so minimises the risk involved in the recruitment and selection process. Allowing you to witness what the candidates can achieve rather than simply what they say they can achieve. Assessment centres are especially useful for competency-based recruitment. HR Elite can assist in effective job analysis and design and deliver assessment centres in order to assess candidates performance against job related competencies. In addition, Development Centres can be designed to elicit development requirements for individual staff and to help track an individuals development pathway which will also compliment any performance and appraisal process.

Disciplinary and Grievance Investigations

Disciplinary and grievance investigations must be carried out in a fair and thorough manner and according to ACAS best practice guidelines. HR Elite’s experienced HR Consultants will carry out these investigations with a professional, confidential and thorough approach resulting in a full detailed report of the facts on which sound decisions can be made. In addition, HR Elites Consultants can also present their findings at formal hearings or sit as expert HR Practitioners on disciplinary or grievance panels.

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