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Pay as you go

For businesses that don't want to commit to a monthly fee, our pay as you go service will be perfect for you.

If you are looking for some immediate help with a HR issue but don’t want or need ongoing support, then we can help with our ‘pay-by-the-hour‘ service. Responding to your immediate need and providing whatever it is you want, this can be a cost-effective way of getting issues resolved, allowing you to move forward with running your business. Get the right advice, produce the correct documentation, follow ACAS guidelines and act within Employment Legislation with no ongoing commitment. This is our ‘pay as you go’ service.


Our HR Consultants have many years of experience of working with managers and business owners to find a solution to urgent issues that arise in a way that minimises risk, safeguards the Company reputation and puts your focus back on what matters to you without the distraction of problems with your employees.  Taking advice can get most HR issues resolved quickly or puts in place a structured approach to deal with a problem as efficiently as possible.

We can give you a way forward if you:

  • Want to make posts redundant?
  • Want to check if you can dismiss someone instantly?
  • Think you’ve got a disciplinary issue?
  • Have received a grievance complaint from an employee and don’t know how to handle it?
  • Suspect bullying, harassment or abuse?
  • Need to change employment contracts, terms or conditions?
  • Are fed up of continued sickness and short notice ‘urgent’ leave?
  • Have been accused of discrimination?
  • Have people who are not doing their jobs properly?
  • Want to know how to have a difficult or sensitive conversation?
  • Are thinking of dismissing during probation period and need to know the risks?
  • Are not sure how to say no to a flexible working request?
  • Have minor misconduct to deal with e.g. social media misuse, of mobiles at work, excessive smoking breaks
  • Have someone who just has to go and you want to avoid risk?

Active support on problems

If you just want someone who knows what they are doing to get involved on a specific task, our  qualified and experienced Consultants can be with you to check your procedures, conduct meetings and act as moral support when things get tricky.

Problem prevention

If you don’t have specific problems that need resolving but want to have sound HR systems in place and don’t know where to start, we can advise you up to a time or financial limit that you choose.  Pay by the hour and get personalised, proactive input to help your business grow and survive.

Initial consultations are free, and then buy as little as 15 minutes (there is no maximum) to start to address things.  Here are some examples of where we’ve helped before:

  • Staff surveys and action plans
  • Wellbeing and stress interventions – training managers and staff
  • Analysing and evaluating jobs for pay structure
  • Reviewing how you recruit and select great employees
  • Introducing family friendly practices for parents and carers
  • Flexible (or hybrid) working; making working from home work
  • Introducing an appraisal / performance review system
  • Training in bullying, harassment, equal opportunities, dignity

Don’t want to commit?

Whatever your short term need, we can help without you having to make a commitment to a retained package.  If you know what you want (or even if you don’t), then we can support you for as little as £90 plus vat for an hour (discounts applied for project work).  Have a chat with our business-minded and friendly team and we can quote you before you incur any cost whatsoever.  We’re not into sales, we’re into helping businesses solve their problems, so no hard sell, just a genuine desire to help.

pay as you go

£97 per hour

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