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Contracts of employment are a legal requirement but can cover so much more - let our experts create your bespoke contract for you.

It is your legal obligation to provide all employees with a written statement of particulars (usually the contract of employment) on or before their first day at work that details the terms on which someone is employed. This cannot be avoided, but the process needn’t be a burden to you.

Why are Contracts important?

Issuing a document that states the terms and conditions is a legal requirement from the first day of employment but it also makes good business sense.  Not only does it demonstrate to employees the legal and professional nature of the contract that you have with them, it confirms the important aspects of that contract and can be referred to by both you and your employee throughout their employment.

Having a contract that not only includes the very specific details required by law but also includes areas that are unique to your Company is something that our experienced team can produce for you.  You can relax in the knowledge that legally you’re covered and compliant and the risk of misunderstandings over terms is reduced.

Whatever your business needs, we can advise and create a template contract that’s right for you.


Here are examples of some of the areas that many clients detail in their contracts:

  • Overtime – when is it paid, to whom, how it is calculated, is it paid during annual leave, is it compulsory, who approves it, how to claim
  • Holidays – do you shut down at Christmas and how do you deal with annual leave over that period, how much notice do you want from people requesting holiday, does the company want to specify when someone can take holiday (and when they can’t)?
  • Do you want the right to require staff to work at multiple locations, or on a shift pattern? What about part timers and annual leave?
  • Including the right not to offer work (‘temporary layoff’) is popular
  • What about flexible working hours and duvet days?
  • Paid leave – what if someone needs time off for bereavement, for example?
  • Bonus and commission – should these be included in your contract?
  • Working time directive – daily breaks, weekly hours and rest periods
  • Child friendly leave?
  • Garden leave, pay in lieu of notice, restrictions after employment


How do we do it?

It’s up to you.  We can work completely remotely from an extensive questionnaire, or talk through your needs and ask the questions that will give us the information we need. Once we have all of the information we need, we can produce your bespoke template to use over and over again.

We will continue to work with you until you are entirely happy that the final documentation suits your business and you.


£300 +VAT

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