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An essential workplace document that clarifies the rules, procedures, rights and expectations of both the employee and from the employer - developed by our qualified experts, bespoke to your company needs.

Employees must be managed and employed in line with employment laws and legislation. Whilst the contract of employment forms the legal basis of the agreement between employer and employee, being explicit about the rules, procedures, rights and expectations of employee will make managing people easier. Working in harmony with your contract, an employee handbook is a vital tool in preventing, managing and resolving workplace issues, often before they arise.

Acting as a reference point for both managers and employees, the handbook clarifies details that are not necessary to include in an employment contract and prevents you from having multiple policies, memos and rules on noticeboards.   Covering all aspects of employment practice in one document means that there is little room for error; the rules are clear and what is expected of both the employer and the employee is defined, therefore reducing the likelihood of misunderstanding and makes workplace rules easier to enforce.  Handbooks can be updated as your rules or circumstances change and can by available electronically for staff to access easily.


What’s in it?

In addition to policies and procedures around discipline, grievance, sickness absence and standards of performance, there are many other aspects of the working arrangement that you could include.  Here are some examples:

  • Company values and ethos
  • Rules on booking holiday, claiming expenses, how to report sickness, clocking in, lunch arrangements, internal communication, smoking, PPE, car parking, personal mobile phones
  • Policies on harassment, bullying, preventing discrimination and providing equal opportunity – and the consequences of non compliance
  • Rules about social media and internet use
  • Expectations around customer interaction, behaviour and appearance
  • Benefits (uniform, medical support, wellbeing, fitness, refreshments, canteen facilities, bonus payments, training and development)
  • Support for medical conditions and addictions
  • Policies on modern slavery and corporate social responsibility

And many more

Employees are becoming increasingly interested in the benefits of working for their employers, about the experience that they will get if they accept the job and what is important to the Company.  Your handbook will tell them a lot about how you approach work, how you intend to treat your staff and the company’s values.  Without a doubt it will make it easier to manage existing staff and will make the right impression for new ones.


How do we do it?

You can choose how you want us to produce your handbook; we can do it by phone, remotely or even through an online questionnaire to produce your first draft.  We will then continue to work with you until you are entirely happy that the final version suits your business and you.


£400 + VAT

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