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How To Manage Mental Health In The Workplace

It’s Mental Health Awareness Month so there is no better time now to talk about mental health in the workplace. Mental health awareness gives us a chance to consider our own...

It’s Mental Health Awareness Month so there is no better time now to talk about mental health in the workplace.

Mental health awareness gives us a chance to consider our own individual mental stability, how we perceive it as a subject, and the importance of talking about it with others.

Work is a major part of most people’s lives. We spend most of our time there, we rely on it for income to support ourselves and others, it’s where we can make friends. Working is what makes the world go around, so it’s important to choose a role that doesn’t impact on your health. Our mental health is often a fragile thing, easily affected by our environment and others. Having a toxic environment at work where we spend so much time can seriously affect our mental health.

Your mental health in the workplace

The best thing to do is find what coping mechanisms work for you. Trying to maintain that work-life balance is imperative – no one wants to be working all the time, we all need time to unwind and relax. Finding what helps you relax after a stressful day will help to separate your work life from your home life, hopefully preventing that work stress from flooding into other aspects of your life.

Make sure you have someone that you can talk about your feelings with, it doesn’t have to be in any more depth than you’re comfortable with, but knowing that you have someone to go to can help. Keeping active and eating healthily can also help you on a physical level, thereby helping your mental health.

Helping others in the workplace

If you are worried that a colleague is suffering from low mood, or mental health problems, reach out to them, maintain your relationship with them – sometimes going out for a coffee can help incredibly. Be that person they can go to if they need someone to talk to. In the event you’re extremely worried about a colleague, let your manager know and discuss your concerns with them, however, ensure confidentiality.

Why we need to talk more about mental health

While awareness is increasing around the topic, we still live in a world that can sometimes look down upon people suffering from low mental health. The fear of discrimination and shame are among the top reasons that we don’t tell each other how we’re feeling. When a workplace culture is created that encourages openness with each other, colleagues won’t feel so afraid to talk to each other and communicate about their feelings. If you’re a business owner, ensure that you have resources for your staff to help with their mental health; be empathetic and try your best to help your staff as much as possible. There is strong evidence that workplaces with high levels of mental wellbeing are more productive – by as much as 12%.

Our Wellbeing package can aid in improving staff mental health starting with a wellbeing audit. We offer educational wellbeing training for both employees and managers, can help to develop an open workplace culture, can deliver stress resilience training, yoga and meditation practises and much more. We are working with wellbeing experts to ensure that we cover every front to improve mental health.

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