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Effective Human Resource Management can be many things ranging from simply complying with employment legislation right the way through to exceptional people management strategies which create high performing teams and workforces.

For the small business who simply wish to ensure they are managing and treating their staff in line with employment legislation, the HR Elite Compliance Package is perfect.  This package ensures you have all the necessary documentation in place such as a contract of employment and an employee handbook and also gives you that added on going support of a dedicated HR Consultant who will provide you with all the necessary employment advice you require.  We pride ourselves on giving our clients a personal HR service which is provided in a way that suits your business and we therefore ensure that you are teamed up with a specific HR Consultant which allows you both to build strong working relationships and which also means that you won’t have to explain your case each time you call.  Your HR Consultant will already be fully involved in that case and will therefore be able to cut to the chase and continue providing that expert HR advice they had already started giving you when you last called.

In addition to having all the necessary documentation in place and access to your own HR Consultant for on going HR advice you will also be supported by a HR Team who will draft for you any necessary HR letters or forms sometimes needed throughout the employment relationship.  This may just be annual pay rise/variation to contract letters or the drafting of more formal HR letters such as outcome to disciplinary hearing letters.  We understand that you may not always want these letters drafted by your HR Team and that you may prefer to do these yourself, therefore, you may wish to access our client portal which holds a bank of 100’s of template HR letters, forms and guidelines for your use at anytime.

HR Elites Compliance Package ensures that as an employer you have all the required support to ensure you are managing your staff in line with the law whilst also providing your staff with the satisfaction that they are receiving all the employment rights they are entitled to.

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