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National Careers Week 2020

Following on from Apprenticeship Week earlier in the year, we are now celebrating Careers Week from 2nd-7th March. It is used as a development tool to show the younger generation the...

Following on from Apprenticeship Week earlier in the year, we are now celebrating Careers Week from 2nd-7th March. It is used as a development tool to show the younger generation the wide range of careers available and can also break the stereotypical gender specific careers that prospective employees should consider.

It is important to note the wide diverse range of jobs available in different sectors. For example, there are over 350 different types of jobs available for the NHS (directly working with patients or behind the scenes) all advertised on their website. What other ways are there to drive recruitment?


  1. Social Media Campaign. A campaign is normally free or fairly cheap to arrange and can be used across all platforms.  This can be seen by a very large audience and can also drive traffic to your website.
  2. Recruitment Agencies. These types of agencies are experts in recruiting and will have a catalogue of hopefuls waiting for their chance of a dream job. Agencies will have a diverse range of people from all walks of life and previous careers that could really benefit your company and will undertake the task of filtering inexperienced or unqualified candidates do that you don’t have to.
  3. Word – of – mouth. The free way of advertising is spreading the word throughout the team and their peers to try to attract likeminded people.  This won’t be suitable for all job roles, but if you are looking to fill a relatively low skill job quickly, it may be the easiest option and give a good supply of suitable candidates.
  4. Job Fairs. Local fairs are a way to showcase your business and what is available. Career progression is one of the most valuable indicators of a great job.  To ensure you attract eager applicants, you need to show how their time would be well spent working for you.
  5. Internal Recruitment. This is probably the easiest way to recruit – it also allows job progression and change; it also lets you know the person and their abilities first which is a bonus.

It is evident in press in the last few months that some Companies are taking steps to improve the chances getting into work for many people.  This has been mostly targeting flexible working which can give carers, parents and vulnerable people an opportunity to work around their schedule and fit work into their lifestyle.  This can bring stability and an income into a household as well as career prospects for the individual.  Little steps can lead to big leaps of progression which otherwise may have been overlooked by both parties.

Last summer, Travelodge started a recruitment campaign aiming to attract out of work parents, students, the older generation and individuals looking for long term employment in the hospitality sector.  The campaign specifically advertised flexible shifts arranged around school times, for example, 9.30am-2.30pm.  Night shift work was also advertised as an alternative. A marketing plan included social media, a specific page on their website and Primary Times Magazine which is aimed at parents, teachers and students.  The campaign was extremely successful, and the Company received on average an extra 20,000 applicants in the first month alone. (Source: August 2019)

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