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Managing Poor Performance

Managing under performing staff

Most managers will have to manage poor performance at some point and it can often be a frustrating and thankless task.  However, if a Manager can get this right there is the potential to turn an underperforming member of staff into a highly productive and efficient member of the team who will hopefully thank you for the investment and support you have given them with regard to their performance.  Managing poor performance can be one of the most stressful parts of managing a team.

It takes a skilled and experienced manager to be a polished professional when it comes to addressing and raising poor performance. Often teams become less than enthralled with their manager when the manager fails to address poor performance, even when the impact isn’t extreme. One of the most frustrating experiences for a team is when they feel they are carrying a member of staff who is not pulling their weight and this frustration can turn to stress and even sometimes issues with that individuals performance when a manager fails to manage under performance.

I have seen many managers fail to address performance issues and then when it reaches the stage where the individual is posing a risk and frustrations with their performance have become too much to bear, the manager simply wants to dismiss them.  Legally this cannot be done and managing an employee out of an organisation due to under performance can be a lengthy process, this therefore leads to further frustrations for the manager.

My advice is to not be afraid of managing poor performance and to nip any performance issues in the bud.