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Jemma Foster, People Development Consultant

Hey! I’m Jemma with a J, that’s often how I introduce myself and has been ever since I went to playschool. Thanks to my parents for giving me a slightly different spelling to my name. They tell me it makes me special, so I don’t mind.

I am the People Development Consultant here at HR Elite. This means that I work with our clients on developing their people (bit of a clue in the title!) My role is predominantly involved in the Maximising People Potential package which we offer. This package is all about getting our clients businesses to work as efficiently and effectively as possible. We take our clients through our 5-part cycle and look at aspects of their business such as recruitment and onboarding, induction, and continuous performance management. We review what existing processes they have in place and then we suggest and implement improvements or new ways to work. I absolutely love going through this process with a client because at the end you get to reflect and see just how far they have come. I am extremely passionate about all the elements that it entails, and I get so much satisfaction out of seeing it being implemented in small and medium businesses. It can make such a huge difference to their success.

The pandemic has certainly had a huge effect on my role, most of my coaching or training sessions are completed via Zoom. Zoom does allow me to continue helping our clients however you cannot beat that feeling of meeting someone and helping them in person. Workshops also can prove challenging via Zoom (due to time delays and poor connection at times!) however I am thankful that it has allowed me to continue working closely with my clients and hasn’t halted progress.

2021 is shaping up to be a good one. I’ve been involved in lots of coaching and workshops with our clients and we have lots of exciting plans that we’re working on in-house. It’s really refreshing to be involved in a forward thinking, innovative business that is constantly adapting and evolving. We have great values that we are all aligned with which means we all work really well together. We know each other’s strengths and weaknesses and we always support each other.

If you’re an existing client, then I look forward to working with you more and if you’re not a client then please get in touch and we can discuss how we can help your business to thrive!

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