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Sink or Swim?! Are you onboard?

A client of ours came to us and asked what they were doing wrong. They have an influx of new hires but the majority left within 6 months. With a growing...

A client of ours came to us and asked what they were doing wrong. They have an influx of new hires but the majority left within 6 months. With a growing business they needed long term employees who are excited to work and bring positivity to the company. We had conducted exit interviews so looked over these to gain an insight as to why they were leaving. To our surprise many felt unmotivated and a lack of communication within the office. Isolation and intimidation were also a reoccurring factor. Something had to change.

We quickly put together an ‘onboarding task force’ made up of management, HR Elite members and office staff who wanted to help.  Onboarding is a term used to introduce your new employee to your business in a friendly and structured way. Breaking this down into smaller bits of helpful information can make their first few weeks with you exciting and make them eager to stay for the long haul.  The taskforce created a welcome pack to be sent out to all new hires before their first day. This included things like what documents to bring in, where to go and who you will be meeting with, what to wear and what your first week will look like. We introduced a buddy system made up of volunteers to welcome the new recruits, give a tour and introduce the other members of the office.  Onboarding doesn’t have to be complicated, just friendly and informative.


It’s always daunting when you start a new job and you are either overwhelmed with all of the information at once or left on your own to get on with it. This type of introduction into a company can really make or break employees. Not knowing where to sit and who you can ask questions can put a downer on someone’s first day.

Some companies suffer from a high staff turnover within the first few months of hiring – this is usually relating to inadequate training, unfriendliness in the office or simply a bad atmosphere. If this applies to you, you need to rethink your ‘onboarding’ process.

To start with create a checklist including what to do before the employee arrives and what they can expect on their first day. This type of itinerary can override the nervousness of the unknown. This also fills the gap on communication between offering the job and the first day. Ensure you include the 4 C’s

  1. Compliance – This will include the basic policy and procedures you require the employees to follow
  1. Clarification – Ensuring the employee is fully informed and answer any questions they may have
  2. Culture – This can include dress code (dress down Fridays), tea rounds, lunch protocol or more formal examples like phone salutations, meeting room procedures ETC.
  3. Connection – A buddy system would work well for making the employee feel at ease. Providing a lifeline for answering any questions instead of worrying they would need to interrupt management unnecessarily.

The first interaction a potential new employee has is usually with HR inviting them to an interview. This relationship builds and builds throughout recruitment and induction and then onto training.

HR Elite can give real time and focus to creating you a bespoke ‘onboarding checklist’ along with the recruitment process and ensure your employees are motivated and happy in their new job.

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