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Training and Coaching

With qualified teachers, trainers and performance coaches we can develop your staff to reach their highest potential

Staff are a company’s most valuable asset and with the younger workforce now demanding more opportunity for learning and development, investing in the growth of your staff couldn’t be more important.

Training, learning and development

It is important to invest in an individual for the long term, to help to acquire skills where there are gaps or improve skills where there are development needs.  Talented staff will also want to be supported through learning and development so that they not only drive your business forward but so that their valuable skills and abilities are retained.

Companies who train and develop their staff will not only survive difficult times but will gain a competitive edge, improve staff motivation, employee engagement and increase employee retention. Learning and development ensures that employers have the right skills to support the success of their business and the individuals have the right skills they need to be both employable and personally fulfilled.

HR Elite provide off site and on site training and development programmes which can be off the shelf packages or tailored to your needs.

Performance/Leadership Coaching

Effective coaching can hugely change a manager or individuals performance and also bring about change in that individuals own awareness, behaviours and how they interact with the people they work with.

Coaching can help individuals to highlight for themselves the skills they require or to understand the competencies and behaviours they need to get not only the best performance out of themselves but also from peers, subordinates and their own managers which extends right the way through to supporting and engaging their colleagues in the right way ultimately resulting in employee satisfaction and business success.

The HR Elite Team comprise of highly qualified and experienced training and development specialists and certified performance coaches.