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Training & Development

We deliver a full range of training and development products, including coaching and mentoring schemes, formal management training programmes and various short courses that are vital for employee development and enhancing those all important skills and abilities.


Staff are a company’s most valuable asset and they can make or break a business. It is important to invest in an individual for the long term. It is not just the underperforming staff who need developmental attention, talented staff need to feel supported and valued so that they not only drive your business forward but so that valuable skills and abilities are retained.

Companies who train and develop their staff will not only survive difficult times but will gain a competitive edge, improve staff motivation and increase employee retention. Learning and development ensures that employers have the right skills to support the success of their business and the individuals have the right skills they need to be both employable and personally fulfilled.

HR Elite provide a number of training programmes /courses at their premises, however, for businesses who require a tailored programme to suit their needs we are also able to develop and design these bespoke training programmes and deliver them on site at your premises.

HR Elite provide a full range of training and development programmes for all staff types ranging from your most Senior Managers/Leaders to the more junior level staff within your Company.

Management Training and Development

When managing your staff in line with employment legislation it is essential that your Managers have the necessary skills and knowledge to do this that sometimes written procedures cannot give. Specific HR training packages can be developed in line with your current HR policies and procedures or in the absence of these in line with Employment Law which can either support or enhance your current management skills and abilities or provide them with the necessary skills and abilities to do this.

Employee Development

In addition, employee development programmes can be designed to assist and develop your staff with their everyday skills and abilities. Standard training programmes are available or bespoke training programmes can be created to suit individual business requirements.

We also run short courses/workshops throughout the year. Please contact us for more information