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Training & Development

We deliver a full range of training and development products, including coaching and mentoring schemes, formal management training programmes and various short courses that are vital for employee development and enhancing those all important skills and abilities.

Staff are a company’s most valuable asset and they can make or break a business. It is important to invest in an individual for the long term. It is not just the underperforming staff who need developmental attention, talented staff need to feel supported and valued so that they not only drive your business forward but so that valuable skills and abilities are retained.

Companies who train and develop their staff will not only survive difficult times but will gain a competitive edge, improve staff motivation and increase employee retention. Learning and development ensures that employers have the right skills to support the success of their business and the individuals have the right skills they need to be both employable and personally fulfilled.

What’s coming up with HR Elite?

Our aim is to bring together people who want to develop their knowledge, skills and confidence in HR through a peer support network led by our HR experts.  The business will benefit from participants sharing and learning about what HR activities work elsewhere and bringing best HR practices back to the workplace.

In order to provide continued support outside of the classroom you will also get access unlimited HR advice via a dedicated HR Elite Consultant whilst signed up to the programme.

Expected business outcomes following attendance on the Masterclass:

  • Speedier resolution of disputes
  • Increased awareness of HR risk
  • Reduced reliance on external support
  • Improved cost efficiencies through best practice HR management
  • Ability to proactively manage staff performance, absence and conduct
  • Knowledge to design and implement effective HR strategies
  • Access to a strong HR network
  • A rounded knowledge of employment rights and key employment legislation

Ideal Masterclass members may be:

  • Business Owner/Manager who takes the HR lead
  • Office Manager/Senior Administrator who wants to develop in their role
  • HR or Compliance Leads
  • Someone already studying for HR qualifications who wants to apply their knowledge in practice

If you feel like you may benefit from our master class, please contact us!