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Wellbeing Services

Mental health and wellbeing has always been an important topic but none more so than now. With absences related to stress, anxiety and depression rising the call for action from employers setting a wellbeing agenda is critical. Complete our wellbeing questionnaire for a free staff wellbeing report.

Staff Wellbeing

We believe that staff that have their wellbeing needs looked after are much more likely to be productive and committed and therefore excel in their role.

At HR Elite we are very passionate about employee wellbeing at work. We believe that it is vitally important to the overall success of any business. Wellbeing covers a much bigger area than you may think, it is much more than just giving your employees free fruit. Staff wellbeing covers everything from H&S procedures to how you book time off. We believe that staff that have their wellbeing needs looked after are much more likely to be productive and committed and therefore excel in their role.

For years, various mental health and wellbeing initiatives have been out there but the problem is they have just not worked.  This is mainly down to the disconnect and lack of lasting impact on the organisations culture. Wellbeing needs to be more than fruit bowls and unlimited access to water.  For organisations to change their culture and take wellbeing seriously they need to embed this all important topic into their overall business strategy.

Good mental health and wellbeing of staff will lead to a more happier and satisfied workforce, creating higher levels of productivity, performance and employee engagement.

Let HR Elite work with you on creating a full wellbeing strategy which will embed into your business culture and give you long lasting and on going wellbeing results. Our wellbeing package offers you a review of your current position regarding wellbeing at work, either through our staff wellbeing survey or an exploratory meeting with you as the business owner and/or your key managers.  Following the feedback gained we can then create with you your wellbeing action plan or strategy, help you to implement the required changes and bring wellbeing to the forefront of your agenda.

A few of our Staff Wellbeing initiatives:

  • Wellbeing staff survey with action plan report
  • Company wellbeing self assessment Questionnaire
  • Employee Mental Health Awareness Training
  • Line Manager Mental Health Training
  • Creation of wellbeing and HR policies and procedures
  • Development of an open wellbeing culture
  • Leadership Commitment
  • Introduction and support for Wellbeing Champions
  • Personal Experience Story Telling
  • Stress Resilience Training
  • Yoga and Meditation practices

Our Partners

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Every year it costs business £1300 per employee whose mental health needs are unsupported.

In 2018/19 Stress, depression and anxiety were responsible for (at least) 54% of all working days lost due to ill health.

1 in 5 people take a day off due to stress however 90% of these gave a different reason for their absence.